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Sample JSON


Path Type
id integer Unique identifier for the order
  • 100 Pending
  • 200 Active
  • 300 Completed
  • 900 Cancelled
one of the predefined integers
property Object
property.external_id string your unique identifier for this Property
property.branch_id integer The Branch the Property is managed by
property.ref ?string free text or null
property.address Object
property.address.line1 string
property.address.line2 ?string
property.address.line3 ?string
property.address.line4 ?string string
property.address.county ?string
property.address.postcode string
property.beds ?integer
property.baths ?integer
property.type ?string
property.detachment ?string
property.furnishing ?string
tasks Array<Object>
tasks.*.id integer Unique identifier for the task
tasks.*.name string product display name
tasks.*.product_id string the ID of the Product that has been ordered
  • 100 Pending
  • 200 Active
  • 250 Review
  • 300 Processing
  • 350 Processing Review
  • 400 Complete
  • 900 Cancelled
one of the predefined integers
tasks.*.max_viewings integer the maximum amount of viewings that can be created for this task
tasks.*.viewings_booked integer the current amount of viewings that exist for this task